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Product Name : BACTIVINASH

Benefits :This s an ideal bactericide against bacterial leaf blight ,black arm Disease, Seedling ,Blight, Angular Leaf spot ,Citrus cancer of Cotton, Citrus Paddy ,Chillies ,Betelvine, Tomato Banana, Grape, Vegetables, Potato,Flowers and Fruit, Crops.

Contents : 2 Bromo , 2 Nirotropane , 1d - dial - 95.00 % w/w , Adjwvants - 0.5 % w/w

Precaution :
 Avoid inhalation and skin contact, in case of contact wash with water.

Dosage : 20gm / per acre.

Packing : 20gm.


Product Name : STICK MAX

Benefits : Stickmax works as a wetting agent soreaser and activator. Stickmax used for all type of Crops to increase efficiency of spreding. Use with all type of Pesticides, Fungicides, Weddicides and plants growth promoters for better wetting and spreading.

Contents : Sticker

Function : To use with all pesticides and fungicides as a spreader Sticker .

Doses : 1.50ml to2 ml per liter at water.

Packing : 500ml and 1000ml.


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