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Product Name : SURAKSHA

Benefits :Suraksha gives yield for All Crops. It improves resistance power of the Crop and protect from
                  diseases, effective on downy mildew, Root Tots, Blights ,Scabs, Leaf Spots,Tanker and
                  Bacteria of Crops.

Contents : Phosphorus - 32% w/w, Copper-8%, Emulsifer&Solvent -60% w/w

Crops : Recommended on Cotton , Soyabean, Rice, Wheat, Chilies, Tomato, Orange, Promogranet,             
               Banana, Sugarcane, Groundnut and all Hirtculture Crops.

Doses : Apply 2ml to 3 ml of Suraksha per liter of water and Spray well on Crops.

Packing : 500ml and 1000ml.


1) Product Name : SUPER-10 ( Herbal Extract )

Benefits : Super -10 an ideal botanical extract suitable and effective management suppression of hard to kill mites , meals bugs & chewing & suking pets, control heliothis , spodoptera and other Larva.

Contents : Botanical Extract 92%, Emulsifier 0.8%

Crops : Used for any field Crops and Horticulture Crops .

Doses : 2ml to3ml Per litr.

Packing : 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml.

2) Product Name : ACTIVE - 10 ( Herbal Extract )

Benefits : Used for any Field Crops, Oil Seed, Horticulture Crops ,Fruit Crops.

Doses :  2ml to3ml Per litr.

Packing : 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml.



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