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Product Name : AMINO GROWTH
Benefits : It acts a bio-stimulant on Plant , Amino Acid increases resistance power, reduces Flower, Fruit dropping and improves uniform shapes and color of the Plants & Furits, improves Nutrients uptake in the plant body.

Contents : Amino Acid Mixture -17%

Crops : Amino Growth used to for all kinds of Crops, Vegetables & Fruits.

Doses : 1.5 ml to 2ml / ltr.

Packing : 500ml and 1000ml.



Product Name : AMINO KING

Benefits :
Amino King with Amino Acid accelerates white root development and helps to enhance uptake of Nutrients, which increase yield parameter such as tiller numbers and weight.

Crops : Amino Kings used to for all kinds of Crops, Vegetables & Fruits.

Doses : 1.5 ml to 2ml / ltr.

Packing : 500 ml and 1000ml



Product Name : AMINO RICH

Benefits :
Amino Rich with Amino Acid accelerates white root development and helps to enhance uptake of Nutrients. It improves Crop quality and increase yield significantly.

Crops : Amino Rich used to for all kinds of Crops Vegetables & Fruit Crops .

Doses : 1.5 to 2ml / ltr.

Packing : 500 ml and 1000 ml.


Product Name : CALCIUM RICH
Benefits : Calcium Rich multiply cell division in the crop role as catalyst in crops for maximum uptake of NPK.

Contents : Liquid Calcium -34 %,Organic Material and Solvents.

Crops : Calcium Rich used to for all kinds of Crops Vegetables & Fruit Crops.

Doses : 3 to 5 ml per ltr.

Packing : 500ml and 1000 ml.



Product Name : HUMIC POWER

Benefits :
Strong and healthy growth of white roots, increase efficiency of soil, activate cell division resulted into vigorous growth improve quality yield of Crops.

Contents : Humic Acid - 12%

Crops : used for All Crops – Vegetables, Fruit, Cerials and Pulses.

Doses : 2 to 3ml / lit water.

Packing : 500ml. and 1000 ml.



Product Name : NITRO FORCE

Benefits :
Nitro Force – based on Brassinolide 20% which works as boosts, flowering and enhances yield for all Crops. The Nitro Force constituency enables right and faster growth of the Crops, reduce the deficiency of protein in the Crop. Nitro Force is recommended for Cotton, Soyabean, Rice, Wheat, Chilies Tomato, Orange, Promogranet , Banana, Sugarcane, Groundnut and all Horticulture Crops.

Contents : Brassinolide - 20% v/v, with Natural Amino Acid -12%, Solvent-38% ,Emulsifier-30%.

Doses : Apply 2ml to 3ml of Nitro Force per liter of water and spray well on crops.

Packing : 500ml. and 1000ml.



Product Name : MICRO KING

Benefits :
This liqiuid mixture contains essential Micro Nutrients. It will improve quality and yield of plant. Fe - important in photosynthesis and uptake of other micro Nutriens. Ze - important in preparation of plant growth regulator, protein & helpful in riping of seeds and Fruts. Cu - act as catalyst in all development stages of plants. It Helpfull in production of vitamin‘A’ and reproduction capacity of plant. Bo - it is use to uptake calcium and makes it available to plants, use to uptake Nitrogen help in production of protein. Mn - improves photosynthesis activities of plants and reparation of corrosion, riboflavin, ascorbic acid and protein in plant. Mo - it is important Nutrient for Nitrogen Fixation in micro organism.

Contents : Iron-2 %, Manganese -2 %, Zinc-5.0 %, Copper - 0.5%, Molybdenum 0.05%, Boron - 0.5%

Crops : Used for all types of Crops, Vegetables, Fruit ,Cerials and Pluses.

Doses : For spraying -500ml solution use with 200 lit water.

Packing : 500ml and 1000ml.



Product Name : SULPHER RICH

Benefits :
It contain a secondary Nutrient liquid fertilizer containing sulphur. It basically helps in correction productivity relate problems and reduces the sulphur deficiency in the soil. War offer fertilizers with high sulphur constituency as liquied sulpher acts as the most important plants nutrients for the better synthesis of Proteins, Oil & Vitamins within the plants. Our sulphur Rich fertilizer is no - toxic, if used in recommended does. Sulpher Rich is systemic fungicides which prevent powdery mildew and leaf mite on Crop.

Contents : Liquid Sulpher Solution.

Crops : Used for all Crops ,Vegetables , Fruits, Cerials and Pulses.

Doses : Spray - 2ml to 3ml / liter of water .

Packing : 500ml and 1000ml.



Product Name : THIO PLUS

Benefits :
With use of Thio Plus any Crop takes a fast growth in minimum time . It increase yield parameters such as tiller numbers, Branches an panicle numbers, Buds, Flowers, Band as well as numbers of Leaves .improve cell division, cell preparation resulted into development of Crop help in photosynthesis, respiration increasing up taking of Nutrients. We can use this also for Seed treatment.

Contents : Thio urea 99 %

Crop : Used for all Crops ,Vegetables, Fruit,used for Seed treatment.

Doses : 1.5 Gram to 2.Gram Per liter of water for Vegetables & 1 Gram per liter for Ground Nut, Cotton and Paddy, .0.8 Gram to 1.5 Gram per liter of water for all other Crops.

Packing : 250 gm and 500 gm.



Product Name : Guar Special ( Foliar Spraying )

Benefits : • Increase Water holding capacity of the soil
                   • Enhances drought resistances in plants
                   • Neutralizes the effects that occur due to the direct application of urea and muriate of potash to                       the soil
                   • Controls leaching of plant Nutrients by Chealting

Doses : 3ml to 5ml / liter

Packing : 500ml and 1000ml.




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