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Products Name:

1) MAAGENETE (Powder & Granule)

Content : Ca 20 %, Mg 0.5 %, S 22 %

Benefit : Maagnete & Green Mountain are mixture Fertilizer prepared from Ca, Mg, S, for all crop. Secondary nutrients like Ca, Mg, S are also equally important with increase the ability at NPK to the crop. Maagnete is multiple the cell division in the Crops role as catalyze in crops for maximum uptake of NPK. Maagnete plays important role in photosynthesis and chlorophyll content Maagnete, maintain respiration activity in the crop, increase disease resistance power in the crop, 20 to 30% growth in crop yield and oil content are increase.

Crop : All Crop ,Vegetable ,Horticulture and Flower Culture .

Dosage : 2 kg for 1 acre.

Packing : 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg in multi color printed bag.


2) GREEN MOUNTAIN (Powder & Granule)

Benefits :
• Increased Crop Yields
• Increased Root Growth
• Increased Chlorphyll Content
• Increased Nutrient Uptake
• Improved Plant Quality
• Enhanced Natural Defenses
• Improved Soil Structure
• Improved Water Retention

Contents  : Potassium Humate 22%, Seaweed Extract 6% , Organic Matter 62%

Packing  : 5 Kg

Doses  : 
5kg / Acer

Crop  : 
All Crop


3) SSARDAR - G ( Granule and Liquid )

Benefits :
Ssardar-G is an unique combination of Amino Acid 12% ,Brassinolide 12%, with 6% Humic Acid which
works to boost the flowering activities ,gain numbers and enhance yield parameters contributing to
higher yield and quality of crop produce. SSardar-G with Humic Acid & Amino Acid accelaration
white root development & Plant Metabolic process and help to enhanced uptake of Nutrients, which
increase yield parameters such as tiller numbers of branches, panicle numbers, Buds, Flowers ,gain
numbers and gain weight.

Crops :
 Useful for Cotton , Paddy , Sugarcane , Soyabean , Tomato & all types of Vegetable and 
Horticulture Crops.

Doses :
2ml to 3 ml / litr. for foliar application and 5 kg to 10 kg granules for Soil application

Packing :
5 kg &10 kg in Granule and 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml in Liquid.


4) Ssardar G Gold ( Granual - for Soil application )

Contents : Amino Acid 12% + Brassinolide 12% + Humic Acid 6%

Packing : 10 kg Multi Color Printed Bucket

5) Amrut Gold ( Plant Growth Promoter )

Contents : N+K+P+C+S+Mg+Ca+Silica+ Fe + Humic Acid + Pulvic Acide + Emulsifire

Crops : Potato, Paddy, Beets, Tomato, Cotton, Sugarcane, Banana, Grapes, Mango, Soyabean, Orange,
Ground Nut, Papaya, Pomegranates, And all types of Vegetables and Flowers

Packing : 8 kg Multi Color Printed Bag

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